Calredian languages

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Common: Used universally as the language of diplomats and merchants, common is, funnily enough, the common language of Calradia. Originally used by only the Calradic Empire, all territories that once were ruled by the empire now speak it, or have at least intergrated parts of it into their own languages. Vlandians, Calrads and Geroians use this language.

Sturgian: The rough language of the north of Calradia is most likely the oldest of all languages in Calradia, used in all regions north of the Pirash River. Even the rugged tribes of the Tundra speak the language. Sturgians and Savramates speak this language.

Battanian: The harsh lands of Battania are primitive by some standards, yet their language is the most complicated in all of Calradia. Only the most skilled of linguists are able to learn the language, other than Battanians themselves of course. It is said that Battanian has its roots as a language in a mix of Sturgian and Common, along with other ancient languages. Spoken by Battanians.

Nahasan: The many cultures that inhabit the Nahasa speak this ancient language, made a sort of common dialect by the Aserai emperors, it has now become the most commonly spoken language in the desert territories. Many sub-dialects of Nahasan exist, yet none are as prominent as Nahasan. Spoken by Aserai characters.

Old Vlandian: The language of the original Vlandian settlers, this language is used by the old-styled nobility of Tihr and is so closely related to Balish that they are practically the same language, apart from certain grammatical and pronunciation differences.

Written by Warwick