Bandit groups in West Vlandia

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West Vlandian looters looking for prey
The map of West Vlandia

Bandits make the forests unsafe everywhere in Calredia. So also the forests of West Vlandia, where different bandit leaders are recruiting the rabble of the towns and villages to join them for fast money and exiting lives.

Esten Forest Brothers

Bandits and exiled people of the woods banded together around Wallia who gave them a new purpose as brigands. They plague the woods of Esten and ravage both the gastaldates of Holm, Krenn and all the others nearby. The so called "Esten Brothers" value just gold and food, nothing else, and they disrespect the Maker and all their followers.

  • Leader: Wallia. Wallia is too another veteran of the war against the Empire: discharged with disgrace from the army of Rex Amalareiks he now haunts travellers, farmers and paesants alike around the Esten Forest. He is accused of being a deserter and has a big bounty over his head.
  • Hideout location: Somewhere in the Esten forest.
  • Tactics: Light infantrymen mainly armed with clubs and spears, dangerous in groups they sometimes raid the nearby villages.

Lomel Gang

Mainly former farmers or local cutthroats, the Lomel Gang is known to be the "most reasonable" group to talk with, among the biggest West-Vlandian gangs. Most of them are just driven by revenge against the powerful lords of the lands; but beware, these men are not saints and they wont think twice before attacking a caravan or seldmomly a village.

  • Leader: Kunimund. A former herdsman turned into bandit, he used the few horses left into his old stables to gather some cutthroat and build an hideout within the woods of Lomel. Since then he has plagued the lands around the woods causing many troubles to the Count of Tevarin. He also has a personal faida against Odoacer the Mad of the Veidar hillmen.
  • Hideout location: Somewhere in the woods of Lomel
  • Tactics: Light cavalrymen armed with spears, tunics and sometimes swords. They like to assault caravans and small groups of travellers.

Veidar hillmen

They're known to be unbelievably cruel and territorial. Most of them are veterans of the war against the Empire that, after being dismissed, took shelter in the hills of Veidar and began drifting closer to savagery. They're know for torturing victims and locking up women that they then rape for several days before killing them.

  • Leader: Odoacer the Mad. A sadic killer living on the hills nearby Veidar. The locals say the war made him what he is now and Odoacer in the current days often engage in skirmishes against the Podestà of Veidar although his nemesis is surely Kunimund of the Lomel Gang.
  • Hideout location: Somewhere in the hills of Veidar
  • Tactics: Shock infantry with axes, maces and clubs, they also have few archers among their ranks. They're ravagers and they're the most dangerous bandit group in the area, even if not the largest.

Written by Wlodoviec