The Way of the Sky

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The Way Of The Sky is a religious belief of the Khaganate, all of the Khagan’s believe that when they die they become one with the sky with their ancestors and watch over the Khergian people from the stars, they believe that for every dead star is a Khergian ancestor watching over them in the field of battle, which often fuels their appetite during a raid.

Often, this is preached by many peaceful nomad’s and they even have their own dedicated temples so that they may spend time to dedicate good health and fortune to their brothers and sisters in the sky as a good omen to keep their luck going and to create a thought of unity with those that they may have lost over the years.

However, people of which that don’t follow this religion are often referred to as the “Lost souls” who pretty much stay in their body when they die and slowly rot away into the earth, so that their essence is basically trampled on every single day, these souls are often forgotten by most as most of the time, the Khagan’s believe it’s their enemies that suffer there rather than them.

Written by Hazard