Battanian Paganism

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The Battanian people believe in a place known as Sky Haven which is believed to be a place in the sky where all whom have been pious and true to their people live once passing in the real world, they believe that this place is governed by a society of God's known as the Golden Circle which contains the many gods that the main creator of all, referred to as Mynfawr the Creator who plenty of years ago created the Battanian people and gave them an undying strength that has fuelled their passion throughout the many dark and dreadful years that they have faced, to them they believe that their failure is a test to see if they are worthy of surviving or rejoining the creator up in Sky Haven.

Battanian Gods

The Creator: Mynfawr

Mynfawr is very vital to the Battanian people, he is the one who created the earth, Sky Haven, the Battanians, and the other Gods whom of which warden and protect humanity from any world ending threats, to upset Mynfawr would be to upset the earth and the other God's and in the past has resulted in some very dire consequences for the Battanian people and anyone else who has followed in doing such acts, these issues are often resulted around sacrifices and pleas to Mynfawr in order to appease his anger with the inhabitants of earth which may take a long time for them, sometimes even years.

The Wardens Of Nature: Clydno and Nyfain

Clydno and Nyfain are the Gods whom control all of Nature, this being literally anything related to the environment such as the plants, trees, water, nature and so on... these two manage nature for Mynfawr and often bring bad omens upon the Battanians if commanded to do so, there are very scared rules people must follow when they are in nature in order to not upset Clydno and Nyfain, doing so can often bring bad hunts, lack of minerals and so forth, to appease them one must often correct their wrong doings or suffer the wrath of nature, this normally results in people being struck by lightning, people being attacked by creatures, sometimes some people may even be found killed by nature itself.

Llywarch The Sharp

Llywarch The Sharp is the protector of Earth, if a truly deadly threat from the Underworld Crevis ever rises up and threatens earth or the Battanian people, he is to be sent down immediately in order to give the people the power to fight, whilst getting involved himself... Llywarch also acts as a key fighter to look to when fighters need warrior spirit, before most battles the Battanian people often worship him in order to get good luck throughout their battles, if he is upset during a battle what often happens to most people is that they will encounter a harsh series of their luck being ran out and dragged in front of them, which often results in death, their spirits will not rest easy if he is not appeased and will often be sent to the Underworld where they shall rot for going against the warriors code.

Murkas The Knower

Murkas is the God created by Mynfawr to watch over the earth, it is believed by the Battanian people that every animal that can fly are his eyes and that they watch over carefully, it is believed that Murkas often gives back reports to the Sky Haven of how people are doing and often tells anyone and everyone about the sins people have committed against the Gods, and for any threats that may occur on earth anyone and everyone cannot hide from Murkas as he simply knows every single secret that the earth has to offer and he always knows what people are doing, anyone that has tried harming Murkas' creatures however are believed to go blind and the only way to cure such blindness would be to beg Murkas for forgiveness at one of his many shrines.

The Underworld Crevis

The Underworld Crevis is a place where the doomed Battanian souls are sent, they're either sent here by the God's or by pure fate and doom, anyone that lives here are under the reign of the God created by Borwind that was originally believed to be Borwind's brother, however a corrupt force overtook them and they created their own 'perfect' world where all those who have done wrong much alike himself can feel the thrill of pain and suffering throughout the rest of their eternity, something of which this scary and treacherous place thrives on.

Elydir The Withered

Elydir the Withered is the soul creator of the Underworld Crevis, he was once created as the brother and heir of the Sky Haven and known as Elydir the Hand however when a wicked evil corrupted him he suddenly changed into an old withered skeleton like creature and fled from the Sky Haven, creating his own world where everyone is doomed to suffer which always proves to be a threat towards the Sky Haven, their biggest fear is that the lost souls and evil creatures that he will one day create will rise above and take the Sky Haven, killing all of the previous Gods and dooming all of earth to the same fate.

Written by Hazard