Battanian Confederacy

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Ruler: Rì Dubnovellauno

Government type: Tribal

Battanian Society

While the Battanians remain strong and many, their pride bleeds from their loses in previous times. In other realms their people are enslaved or assimilated, and Dubnovellauno’s mind is plagued by the fear that one day they’d disappear. He is known as a just king and is distrustful of outsiders but nevertheless willing to make deals. The Battanians trade frequently with Sturgia and Vlandia, strengthening them and perhaps dissuading ambitions of conquest. But should conflict erupt, any mercenary captain knows Battanian troops are among the finest.

Currently, the Battanian's live in their own heavily secluded tribal society right next to the Sturgian Princedom, their capital is known as Sargot where Dubnovellauno and his tribal court rule over all of the Battanian people, currently they plan on defence methods against Sturgia and Vlandia due to their concerning military growth, the Battanian's themselves however may be fine warriors, however due to their shameful past of failed battles their hope has mostly been trampled on by the shadows of their past, nobody really knows of their inner fears due to their hard outer shell of courage and dominance however with the way it currently looks their tribal confederacy won't last for very long, what mostly glues them together is the embers of what used to be. If anyone was to invade their dying soils it would most likely be the last and final blow that the Battanian's could take before becoming nothing but a historical mystery.

The Battanian people have to mostly focus on themselves, seeing as they're known throughout history with their skills when it comes to longbows, they have a heavy skill for hunting, they trade most of their wares between one another in bear pelts, boar pelts and fox pelts and often trade them with Vlandia and Sturgia, this gets them a moderate income in order to maintain the people from famine, other than that they thrive in mercenary work but most companies are hired by foreign powers and if used against the Battanian's could most likely prove fatal.

Only the Battanian's mostly thrive in the hunting trade, if need be they plan to also expand their trade into lands beyond theirs in order to gain more gold to better their army and make far better defences in order to keep their confederacy surviving against potential future threats, whilst at the same time trying to find alternatives as to what else they could do to further better their financial gain and possibly become more than just the typical Battanian Confederacy, but this will mostly only happen IF either Vlandia or Sturgia don't attack them, or potentially another foreign power.

Currently, the most important place for the Battanian's is Ath Cafal due to the fact that is where most of their hunting industry is coming from, due to this they have put most of their defences over there in order to fully establish a secure economy in a war scenario, alongside this they're in the middle of the border so if they lose either Sargot or Car Banseth they will be able to re-route and establish a more secure point for any potentially dangerous scenarios that may also come their way, it also allows them to effectively setup proper ambushes and defence points within the woods, the only downside to this however is if the enemy decide to invade during a snowy period.

Battanian History

The Unification Of Battania (320 - 360)

Before Battania fully formed, it was made up of many tribes in the area, the three dominant tribes known as the Batta tribe, the Forest tribe and the Wate-Flows tribe all united together, throughout this space they had to conquer and dominate some other tribes, but others eventually decided to unify with them, as a result of this they all created a council and reigned as one government with their leader being the leader of the Batta tribe, Owain Swordsbane who renamed the tribes into the Battanian Confederacy which ruled with great dominance and power, with all their mind sets combined they created many new traditions which have lasted for centuries.

The Great Famine Of The 5th Century (401-403)

During these times, the people of the Battanian Confederacy had gone through a tragic famine, people believed that the cause of this was the anger of Clydno and Nyfain and often did as much as they can throughout the years to appease their anger, eventually after years of atonement they had finally started to regain back the population of deers, bears and so on and thus they were fine, the Battanian people were so religious that they didn't know the real cause of such events was the fact they were overhunting, too many animals were being killed at their hands to the point of near extinction but this time around they were very lucky for everything to have returned back to normal.

The Battanian Civil War (710-712)

Around this time, a tragic event had struck which caused a civil war to break out, the primary leader of the Battanian people otherwise known as Cynfarch Oer fell out with the tribal council and as a result they retreated to the region of Car Banseth and raised up a furious army against Cynfarch Oer that identified themselves as the Banseth Tribal Chiefdom which planned on eliminating the Battanian Confederacy totally, after a bloody battle in Jayek which left both sides heavily distraught a victor eventually emerged, which was the Battanian Confederacy, the previous ancient bloodlines were dead and a massive reform had happened which introduced new Battanian nobles into the tribal courts.

Written by Hazard