Khuzait Khaganate

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Ruler: Khagan Baian Ortolug

Government type: Nomadic

Khuzait Society

The Khuzait Khaganate was created and formed by Baian Ortolug on the outskirts of the Calradic border, whilst previously known for their reputation as small Khagan clans that often raided the Imperials, they are now known as the Noyan’s society, which is led by Baian directly who now controls all the nobles from his court in their capital city Tulug.

The Khuzait Khaganate is often known for their impressive horsemanship throughout the steppe’s and are often admirable fighters for those who have the right coin, however their industry mostly thrives on war and as a result of that they are at war with the Savramates, Sturgian’s and still the Imperials whom all think they are too aggressive and should not be allowed to last within Calradia before they totally invade certain areas converting them over to the nomadic lifestyle.

Currently, the kingdom’s they’re at war with know not to step anywhere near their mountainous steppe land, as they dominate mostly everywhere and if need be could set up a formidable ambush, what is normally done is every kingdom sets up a zone to defend which they know the Khuzait Khaganate will attack.

The noyan’s heavily support the way the khaganate is currently going, due to the fact that the unification by Baian has made them extremely strong as a united force, due to this his rule over the Khanate is very strong and what most people will often find is that if you defy his rule you won’t breathe for much longer under his strict leadership.

Until the end of his rule, there will still be countless amounts of raids on the foreign powers that the Khaganate are at war with, which may result in a terrible fate for them in the long run.

Khuzait history

The War Of The Clans (310 - 320)

In the early years of the Nomadic life, all the clans were un-unified, and as a result of this they were all at war with one another trying to claim who rightfully had dominance over the steppes, the most prominent leader at this time was a man known as Sunji Kahar who took his clan known as the Ghaa Clan and raided tons of clans, destroying most and receiving a lot more enemies from this, in total he had destroyed around 13 weak clans and ended up almost being defeated on the 14th, which led his conquerage to come to a grinding halt.

The Imperial Clash (401 - 403)

During this time, all of the tribes were still heavily un-unified, however the Imperial army had enough of their raiding on their lands and as a result sent a massive army into the steppes of heavily skilled mercenaries, this band of mercenaries went by the name of the Black Cross Ordem who tried to totally beat the clans right in the heart of the steppes, however they totally failed after a huge series of ambushes took place on them, and they made their last stance known as Black Cross Bane.

Invasion Of The Savramates (710 - 712)

During this period, the Khaganate was extremely strong and totally unified by Baian Ortolug and they were ready to take their raiding and plundering to a whole new level, the Khagan army under the leadership of Baian directly at the time had sent a huge invasion force towards one of the Savramate capitals and ended up invading it, the battle was extremely bloody on both sides and eventually caused both armies to retreat, leaving the city totally abandoned, to this day the Khaganate still openly state that they have a claim on that city due to all of the fallen Kagan's that died there on that day.

Written by Hazard