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Calradia, year 832. Rex Amalareiks Vlandi has recently won a war against Princep Imperator Phocus Macrobitius, where the king of the Vlandians managed to conquer the city of Jaculan, south of Suno. The war lasted for twelve years of intense fighting and alternate vicissitudes and many men lost their lives on both sides. At the end of the war Rex Amalareiks decided to reward his most prestigious commanders and men at arms with new lands where to prosper and live in peace. The “Fara Pertingi”, a prominent noble family among the warrior class of the vlandian society of Pravend, was thus rewarded with a plot of land as “beneficium” in the wild region of West-Vlandia.

The head of the Fara, Liutprand Pertingi, son of Alachis who died in the war against the Empire, has been appointed as “Gastald”, ward and bailiff of a small area called “Krenn”, in the West-Vlandian heartland, alongside the river called “Esten”. The area given to him is wild and sparsely populated, but good for farming and with a good amount of wildlife, fishes in the river and, it is said, with good iron deposits in the hills nearby.

Starting concept

The starting concept will share some similarities with CRP6 scenario: the players will start with more or less nothing in their small settlement. Resources will need to be gathered, buildings, roads, bridges, churches will need to be built. The characters here are, more or less, colonists of this wild region. They will start with a manor, house of the Pertingis, few huts and the farmfields. For the rest the map offers fish, deers, boars and iron in the hills (its location will need to be discovered and a mine will need to be built in game). There will be plenty of space to build and to colonize and excellent spots for bandit roleplay.

The river, in the first place, will be an obstacle because it will force the player to stay on the right side of the river. You will be able to either build a small river port or a bridge, but each thing will have consequences: a bridge will prevent merchant ships to arrive but will make the passage easier, while a river port with small row boats will be a good spot for merchants coming from outside the map but the only way to access the other part of the land will be through the row boats.

The scenario will be marked by important quests given by off-map characters. Being the new overlords of the lands, the players will be asked to build a church from the Bishop in Pravend, to send shipment of food to other settlements, to pay taxes, maybe join their lords in war, construct new buildings, etcetc.

The map will be as big as it can be and the role of the families and the professions will be absolutely important. As in a real medieval settings the players will have to produce everything they need or focus on trade if they cant aquire something from their own land. Families will have small fields or parts of the woods where to work in, craftsmen of a certain kind will all be regrouped in few families. The access to iron will be an important task in the few stages of the game or you wont be able to produce weapons (there’s still the chance to buy them from the merchants).

On-map / off-map

Krenn offers the chance to focus both on on-map and off-map things. By building, improving, colonizing and creating new small settlements you will have the chance to live a thriving scenario where there’s always something to do and where passive roleplay has a main role in our daily routine and, at the same time, who has the chance will be able to go deep in the history of the region with its many characters and small stories.

The players will be able to take certain decisions by following a CK2 style of things, using prestige, piety and/or gold. There will be the chance to ask the off-map major lords and characters for loans, new organizations to come on the map, titles and even for protection in case of danger. But beware, the off-map characters will always wait for something in return and they will answer to your calls only if the level of prestige, piety and gold is high enough.

The Gastald

Just roleplay for nobles? Not at all. The Gastald is not really a chief or a count, but more like a bailiff. The society of the “Fara Pertingi” will be organized around the “Gairethinx”, an assembly of the people in the Krenn where the nobles, the freemen and the clergy will gather to take important decisions. Of course the voice of the Gastald is much important, but the community will take part in the decision as a whole, as part of the freemen or the nobles. The Gastald, however, may aspire in increasing his influence one day, maybe ranking up by making flourishing Krenn first and asking the Dux for acknowledgment of his work.

The map of Krenn


Written by Wlodoviec