Rulers of Calredia

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Amalareiks Vlandi, Dux of Ostican and Rex of the Vlandians

Amalareiks Vlandi, Dux of Ostican and Rex of the Vlandians

Rex Amalareiks is bold, proud and vigorous, the perfect depiction of a warrior-king. He recently led his kingdom to victory against the weakened - but still powerful - Calradic Empire and glorified his vassals with titles and lands. He is quite beloved by his people even if he is not really a legislator unlike his father Warnefrid which gave him plenty of law codes to use in his kingdom at his death. Now, after the war, Amalareiks wants to strengthen his dynasty by giving the new plot of conquered lands to his sons and by applying his father codes which give him prestige and acknowledgement among both the nobility and the common folk.

Emperor Phocus Macrobitius

Emperor Phocus Macrobitius of the Calradic Empire

Emperor Phocus always looks dour, and why wouldn’t he be, seeing that he has to juggle a Khuzait invasion, his councillors’ petty intrigue and negotiating with barbarians. Despite recently losing Jaculan to Vlandia in the Empire’s moment of weakness, overall he has managed to keep the Empire standing as he focuses mostly in holding off the Khuzait hordes. He can count as allies the Sturgians and the Savramates, but whether his realm falls due to threats external or from within, that remains to be seen.

Rì Dubnovellauno

Rì Dubnovellauno, king of the Battanians

While the Battanians remain strong and many, their pride bleeds from their loses in previous times. In other realms their people are enslaved or assimilated, and Dubnovellauno’s mind is plagued by the fear that one day they’d disappear. He is known as a just king and distrustful of outsiders but nevertheless willing to make deals. The Battanians trade frequently with Sturgia and Vlandia, strengthening them and perhaps dissuading ambitions of conquest. But should conflict erupt, any mercenary captain knows Battanian troops are among the finest.

Khagan Baian Ortolug

Khagan Baian Ortolug of all the Khuzait tribes

For Imperial scholars, Khagan Ortolug emerged from the far east, in lands no Calrad mapped and the steppes have no end. His bloodthirst is said to be legendary, and this legend is spread by both his enemies and himself. A man of few words, only his closest councillors know him as a person. The rest of Calradia know him as monster of unending ambition. As his hordes arrive closer to the civilized heart of the known world, men humble and noble must unite and fight or perish... or let the Calradic Empire, Sturgia and the Savramates weaken themselves and pick on the carrion.

Kati "os" Bagaxar

Kati "os" Bagaxar, ruler of the Savramates

When the Savramates were driven west until they hit the Sturgians, a situation that would brew conflict instead resulted in an alliance against the Khuzaits. As his people settle in a cold and harsh land, Bagaxar watches the mountain passes for invaders. His vassal chieftains have proven loyal, though when the fighting begins there is only prayer for the gods that they remain obedient, and as the ruler on the frontline of the Khuzaits, the war promises to be intense.

Knyaz Oleg Stjurg

Knyaz Oleg Stjurg, king of the Sturgian people

Chief among Princes of the Sturgian people along the Pirash, rich and prosperous with trade and food. Oleg Stjurg has much to lose with the Khuzaits on his border. Where in different times the chiefs would fight amongst themselves, the Knyaz pleads for national unity against the invader menace.The combined forces of three realms have proved to be a sturdy shield, but there’s no telling what the future holds. Knyaz Oleg is a warrior king, having been born when mounted hordes of the east were already whispered, he leaves everything that isn’t military to some delegate, for better or for worse, as complaints of corruption mostly fall on deaf ears holding a sword and the country he is supposed to protect suffers.

Written by Borrisnator & Wlodowiec