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Important Off-Map Personas

West Vlandia; a bigger map is at the bottom of the page.

Agelmund Letinn - Gastald of Berghem

Known to be a good and honorable man, friend of Liutprand and old comrade of war, they both fought against the Empire at the siege of the fortress of Laskár. Agelmund is known for his eye-patch, having lost his left eye during the war and thanks to his friendship with Baron Gisulf he managed to get a new plot of land near both his friend Liutprand and the Baron. Father of two daughters and a small son, Agelmund is a religious man and he’s now engaged in the construction of a small convent.

Aicard “The Black” Faroaldan - Gastald of Holm

The bards in Pravend like to depict him as a hero of the war against the Empire and the kids and young courtiers love to hear the story of his bravery. In truth, only who fought the war knows that Aicard has little to nothing of good and heroic, he was known to be one of the better commanders for king Amalareiks and the people of the Empire know him and his men as bandits and rapists. Wars are horrible regardless, but some are even worse than others: the war against the Empire has been tough, and King Amalareiks needed men who were able to take whatever task he needed to perform: slaughters, pillaging, and worse.

Bego of Vermal - Abbot of Vermal

The Abbot of the Vermal Abbey, naturally being a man devout to the Maker, spends most of his days secluded in the abbey, working on manuscripts and managing the life of the other monks within the abbey. He is sometimes called by the peasants outside to settle local disputes. He is known as just but his strict views on the laws of the Maker make him look quite harsh in front of others.

Osegod - Skuldheis (bailiff) of Hastig

A jovial patriarch, former sergeant of the army of the Count of Tevarin in the last war. His family has lived in Hastig for generations and they’re known to be honest farmers and hard-working men.

Widuc - Skuldheis (bailiff) of Lomel

A peasant who was appointed bailiff by the local peasants. Lomel is quite far from every big settlement and hence no one take interests in it. Widuc will sometimes reach Krenn to sell their fish.

Ranulf - Skuldheis (bailiff) of Brix

Ranulf is a good man, works the fields all day and the hamlet of Brix is well known to produce all sorts of food, but the Count of Tevarin asks too many corvées and because of this reason Ranulf started to hide part of the food in a nearby cave. Like Osegod, Ranulf and his families have lived in Brix for generations and they have never seen the sea.

Berhtwald - Skuldheis (bailiff) of Darasio

Not much to say about Berhtwald, the local bailiff in Darasio and the priest too. He holds his masses every sunday and it is said he publicly decided to take a wife even if his vows should prevent him to do so. Darasio falls below the territories of the Barony of Elberl.

Major nobles and rulers

Hronferth Cynewald - Comes (Count) of Tevarin

Count Hronferth is an ambitious man, his family has ruled over the castle of Tevarin since several generations. His lands are rich and wealthy, being at the beginning of the Praven Bay its a good spot for merchants coming from Balion and Jumne. Nowadays his lands are booming and hence the Count feels the need of expanding his territories by buying new titles of plot of lands from the Dux of Pravend. His ambitions could lead him to war with the neighboring lords, however, and war is the last thing a region heavily drained by the war needs.

Winstan - Skuldheis of Balanli

More like a rich merchant than an enforcer of the law, Winstan manages the city of Balanli for Count Hreferth. Consider him the Count's right hand concerning domestic matters. Since Winstan took over, Balanli has increased his wealth and a new merchant guild of pelt traders from Jumne has established its base there. He’s not that interested in whatever happens outside the city walls.

Gisulf Garipalding - Baron of Elberl, direct vassal of King Amalareiks Vlandi (King of the Vlandians)

A pious man, worried about Count Hronferth's ambition, Baron Gisulf is at the head of a wealthy barony, focused on both trade and agriculture. Its hamlets in the inner countryside provide the town with food and provisions and being the city located not so far from the estuary and the marsh of the Lvenn makes it a good place for highlander and even Jelkalan merchants from time to time. Gisulf rules over the Barony and answers to the Dux of Pravend directly, without passing by the Count of Tevarin.

Hermanric Wido - Commander of the Vlandian Castrum garrison and second son of Ildefons Wido, Count of Jelbegi

For some people the war never ends, but sometimes this is even an occasion for young landless nobles, such as Hermanric Wido, to make a name for themselves. King Amalareiks has placed a castrum not so far from Darasio in case the Rhodok tribes and cities will try to revolt against the Vlandians and raid the cities on the northern side of the Lvenn.

Atta - Skuldheis of Nemeja

At the borders of the West-Vlandian region Atta manages the small town of Nemeja, capital of the County of Haringoth. He’s quite uninterested in Western-Vlandian politics and has the fame of being an expert alchemist.

Cynewulf of Veidar - Podesta of Veidar, recently made noble

Cynewulf was a close friend of the Dux of Suno and helped him during the war by offering the Dux big loans of money. At the end of the war the Dux made him noble and offered him as beneficium the town of Veidar, that he will manage until his death.

Karl Altdorve - Baron of Azgad

Karl is a poor baron of a fishing settlement along the Bezan Coast, not so far from Pravend. He owes his poverty to the cumbersome presence of Tevarin and Balanli on the other side of Praven Bay.

Áspallan MacCarraig - Baron of Istiniar

The northernmost of the highlanders, he manages a fortified settlement at the feet of the mountains, on the other side of the river Lvenn. He’s not interested in what goes on in West-Vlandia and he fiercely despises all Vlandians… Almost like all Rhodoks do as well.

Characters with off-map influence over Krenn

Kasper Storgaard - Chief of the merchant guild in Tevarin, Jumnic colonist

Arrived from Jumne five years ago, during the last stages of the war against the Empire, Kasper set up a small trading outpost in the county of Tevarin which became bigger and richer thanks to his contacts in Jumne and in the Sturgian Princedom. He controls most of the trade in the region and if you want to set up a new trading enterprise you have to speak with him first.

Athalagild - Bishop of Tevarin

The highest religious authority within the County of Tevarin, Athalagild manages his diocese and knows every single priest in the lands. His main goal is to convert and eradicate the heretics and infidels in the region.

Wallia - Bandit chief of the Esten Forest

Wallia is too another veteran of the war against the Empire: discharged with disgrace from the army of King Amalareiks he now haunts travelers, farmers and paesants alike around the Esten Forest. He is accused of being a deserter and has a big bounty over his head.

Hildeoc Vermundingi - Dux of Praven

Cousin of Rex Amalareiks the Dux of Praven serves the king as steward and he is often far from his domains, collecting taxes or enforcing the King’s laws in all the corners of the Kingdom. His duchy is not the richest, nor the strongest, as the capital of the kingdom, Praven, is quite detouched from the rest of the lands of the duchy.

Evoric - Archbishop of Praven

Real protagonist in the Duchy of Pravend and right hand of the king, Archbishop Evoric spends most of his time visiting churches, monasteries and doing penace in the chapel of the royal palace in Pravend. He overlooks the religious matters in both Pravend and Harthar.

Amalareiks Vlandi - King of the Vlandians

Rex Amalareiks is bold, proud and vigorous, the perfect depiction of a warrior-king. He recently led his kingdom to victory against the weakened - but still powerful - Calradian Empire and glorified his vassals with titles and lands. He is quite beloved by his people even if he is not really a legislator unlike his father Warnefrid which gave him plenty of law codes to use in his kingdom at his death. Now, after the war, Amalareiks wants to streghten his dinasty by giving the new plot of conquered lands to his sons and by applying his father codes which give him prestige and acknowledgement among both the nobility and the common folk.

Map of West Vlandia


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