Kingdom of Lokti

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Not much is known about Lokti people, only few scripts that were found by the merchants in Calradia can tell us little about their culture.

The Kingdom of Lokti rules over the islands at the far, far west of the world. Islands might not be that impressive and rich with ore, but when put into warfare, they can be deadly. Proven by Lokti as they were never conquered from the age of their existence.

There are over 20 islands in Lokti domaine, which are ruled over by Daimyos and their clan. Most prestigious clan in the Kingdom are Yujiro, former King’s clan. Following them are Nakamaro, one of the most militaristic Clans in the whole Kingdom and then it is Shunko, current King’s Clan.

Lokti military is well trained and respected within their culture. Being a soldier is one of the most prestigious jobs around. Every Daimyo has his military company which is made out of Bushi and Ronin. Bushi are most honorable and royal troops that a Daimyo can have. There’s a saying in the Kingdom; “Give me one entire company of Bushi and I’ll conquer you all!”

Written by Oby