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Welcome to the wiki of Krenn Role Play. Here you can read up on all of the lore that is used in the day to day role play. All the lore is written by members of the role play community

  • Are you new to role play on Mount & Blade: Warband? Follow this link to 'The Guide' to introduce you to the basics. NOT WORKING YET

The Wiki

An overview of all the lore
Krenn 4: the scenario Religion
The Valley of Nomar Makerism
The Uxkhal Basin and its regional overlords Monastic Orders
Map, Cultures & Religions of Calradia Confraternity of the Humiliated
St. Amelie of Ilvia - Lady of the poor
Rose of Jelkala and the Rosist Heresy
Realms of Calradia Distant Lands
Nordic Folk Jumnish Tribes
Kingdom of Swadia Kingdom of Balion
Kingdom of Rhodokia The Free Cities of Geroia
Tsardom of the Vaegirs Kingdom of Lokti

A courtesy of the role play community in Warband, for the role play community in Warband